O the lumen and disorganized, columnar-pseudostratified epithelium (fig. 2). viagra non prescription in the uk There was a mucoid material within the cystic cavity, with few areas of epithelial metaplasia and intraductal papillary projections (fig. 3). viagra for sale Muscle tissue was abundant outside the fibrous connective tissue. The cystic-epithelial stratum consisted of cells containing small amounts of mucinous material, characteristic of oncocytic cells (fig 4). The microscopic diagnosis was pc. Figure 3 figure 4 pc displaying cystic cavity with mucous material, intraductal papillary projections, and an underlying minor mucous salivary gland (fig 3. H&e original magnification × 10). viagra non prescription in the uk Cystic epithelium in high magnification showing oncocytic cells (fig. 4, h&e original magnification × 100). Discussion the world health organization (who) [11] described pc as "a tumor that closely resembles warthin tumor but without the lymphoid elements, constituting multiple papillary projections and a greater variety of epithelial lining cells. " in this sense, we believed that salivary glands tumors are difficult to diagnose or interpret because there are many possible patterns of presentation. In addition, pc of the minor salivary gland is rare [9, 10]. buy generic viagra online Moreover, many of the case reports of pc are old [2, 4, 5, 12]. viagra for sale with paypal Hopefully this report will serve as an update and provide new information about pc of the minor salivary gland. viagra for young men side effects A literature review of the clinical, histologic, and biologic features of pc shows no consensus regarding either age of onset or gender preference [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9]. viagra use by women stories In our case, the tumor occurred in lower oral mucosa of a 54-year-old man, whose tumor size was for about 0. 20 cm 3 and the therapy chosen was surgical excision [7]. buy viagra without prescription Our patient has been followed for 2 years and has not had a recurrence. On microscopic examination, pc has presents circumscribed fibrous tissue [1, 3, 6], multiple papillary projections into their lumina, and lining cells of cuboidal to columnar epithelium [3]. Oncocytic cells were present with no cellular atypia and no mitotic figures [6]. This cellular oncocytosis appears to be age related and is accelerated by smoking. Our patient is a smoker and we advised him to stop using any tobacco products after pc excision. viagra odt 10 mg Based on both macroscopic and microscopic findings in this case report, we assume that pc is a benign neoplastic tumor. References 1. viagra non prescription in the uk Kameyama y, okada y, takehana s, mizohata m, nishio s, enomoto m: papillary cystadenoma, int j oral surg. 14:556-9,1985. generic viagra without prescription 2. generic viagra canada Kerpe. cheap viagra without prescription